Our Strength
01. Technical capabilities

Manufacturing experience with hundreds of customers

Our company owns manufacturing department and contract-based process department,
and we have accumulated consistent hardware and software know-how from device manufacturing to contract-based process.
Because of this business type provides quick feedback on the feeling of use and encourages improvement activities.
These activities make it possible to meet various customer demands, and have accumulated manufacturing experience
with over 100 customers. This is a reason, which customer will choose SEAVAC.

Surface treatment and improved properties

Surface treatment is a treatment that adds different properties to the material surface by heat treatment or vapor deposition.
By adding these different properties like, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, slidability, water repellency, etc.
that could not be demonstrated with the material alone can be improved.

Device introduction
Inline device AIP-IV65 (not in US)
UBMS device UBMS-504 (not in US)
PAIC device  PAIC-600
02. Manufacturing capabilities

Manufacture and sales of coating device, development of new fields

Manufacturing depertoment transitions include heat treatment furnace manufacturing and sales (End),
contract-based heat treatment process, CVD coating contract processing (end),
PVD coating contract processing, PVD coating device manufacturing and sales, system sales,
and we are also working on development further into new fields.

Flow of contract coating processing

We received products and check the requirements from customers.
In the case of heat treatment, the furnace and conditions are selected according to the material type and specified hardness.
After heat treatment process, pass or fail is judged by hardness measurement and furnace operation.
In the case of PVD coating, after confirming the surface condition suitable for coating, the surface is improved if necessary,
and the cleaning process and PVD coating are performed.
After that, we will check the appearance, the operation of the processing furnace,
the film thickness, adhesion of the test piece, and pass or fail Judgment before shipping.

Die/Die parts
Cutting tool
03. Proposal capabilities

Industry leader in PVD coating market size

Our technology, which is positioned at the top of the PVD coating market scale, is characterized by mold
and cutting tool makers who make shapes (materials), and heat treatment and PVD coating are contracted
to provide the best products for customers.
Therefore, we can make optimal proposals based on our experience and knowledge of heat treatment,
CVD coating, and PVD coating among many achievements .
In addition, we have the know-how that we can keep the product after using, confirming the situation, and making a suggestion again.

Select coating type
The differences in PVD coating types is the elements.
Different elements have different properties.
It varies depending on the element, such as strong against abrasion, good sliding property, and rust resistance.
Again, if the mechanism for film formation changes, the properties change even if they are composed of the same elements.
Proposal capabilities of SEAVAC
We make optimal proposals based on our experience and knowledge of heat treatment, CVD Coating, and PVD coating among many achievements.
In Addition, we have the know-how that we can keep the product after using,
confirming the situation, and making a suggestion again.
Position in the industry
Our business format is that mold and cutting tool makers create shapes (materials),
and then process heat treatment and PVD coatings on contract.
We are positioned one of the leading company for PVD coating industly market scale.
04. Development capabilities of system

SEAVAC rapidly improve our systems, cause of set up In-house development

An integrated system for ordering, process management, quality records, and sales management specialized in the hard coating industry, as well as device manufacturing management, regular equipment maintenance, nonconformity, complaints, corrective action records, device error reports, internal audits, sales reports, purchasing management, proposals/settlement are developed in-house.

Therefore, our development strength that can quickly improve the system according to the demands of in-house system users.

Also, we have strengths that cover the hardware configuration and security measures from PC set up to server installation /configuration and network building. In addition, we offer services that customers can place an order by using our website (Our Original).