CrN coating

This is the standard for chrome coating and has excellent adhesion resistance, corrosion resistance, and slidability. The component elements are stable and may be used as a base for other coatings to prevent corrosion.

Improved adhesion/Corrosion resistance/Slidability
SUS mold/Die-cast pin
Cutting tool for non-ferrous metal/Automotive parts

Hardness is inferior from TiN, but it has excellent heat resistance and slidability.
Corrosion resistance
The internal stress is lower than titanium, and stable coating with fewer pinholes. It is used in die-cast pins, resin molds, and rubber molds so on.
Film hardness: Hv1,500
temperature: 650℃
Coefficient of
friction: 0.50
temperature: 500℃
Recommended film
thickness: 2µm more