List of service
ZERO-I coating
Developed newly ZERO-I ( Zero One) coating
from the existing PVD Coating for higher hardness, heat resistance and lubricity . Superior wear resistance contributes to longer life.
TiAlN coating
By adding Al to TiN is coated with improved more abrasion resistance and heat resistance. When operating temperature exceeds 700℃, the Al component and oxygen are combined by frictional heat, and strong Al2O3 is generated on the outermost layer, contributing to further improvement of the lifetime.
S-PVD(TiN) coating
It is our long hit product that further improves the impact resistance
and wear resistance of TiN. It achieves both high hardness and thickening,
and supports long tool life and high surface pressure.
TiN coating
As a standard for titanium coating, it is widely used for cutting tools such as drills and cutters, and decorations.
It is also suitable for die molds with tight dimensional tolerances.
CrN coating
This is the standard for chrome coating and has excellent adhesion resistance,
corrosion resistance, and slidability. The component elements are stable and may be used as a base for other coatings to prevent corrosion.

Complex processing technology

In general, CVD is “bonding” by chemical reaction, whereas PVD is “evaporation” by collision energy,
so the adhesion is generally inferior.
In order to improve the adhesion of PVD, it is effective to reduce the difference of hardness
between the base material surface and the coating film.
The difference is expanded especially with the increasing hardness of PVD. 
Therefore, SEAVAC adapted following technology as the base reinforcement.

Stripping (Coating film removal)

Stripping (coating film removal) of CVD processing and PVD process are provided by SEAVAC.
In particularly, PVD processing is performed at temperatures below 500℃,
making it less thermal effects to the base metal, and also reducing the film cost by film removal reprocessing before the base material is severely damaged.