TiAlN coating

By adding Al to TiN a coating is created with improved abrasion resistance and heat resistance. When operating temperature exceeds 700℃, the Al component and oxygen are combined by frictional heat, and strong Al2O3 is generated on the outermost layer, contributing to further improvement of the lifetime.

Oxidation resistance/ Heat resistance improving carbide
Cutting tools/ Cold heading tool
Punching dies/ SUS machining die (mold for processing)

High hardness
TiN has achieved a hardness of over Hv3000, and the wear resistance due to hardness has been greatly improved.
Achieved high heat resistance of 800℃ which exceeds CrN.
Film hardess: Hv3,000
Heat-resistant temperature: 800℃
Coefficient of friction: 0.55
temperature: 500℃
film thickness:
3µm or more