ZERO-I coating

Newly developed ZERO-I ( Zero One) coating from the existing PVD Coating for higher hardness, heat resistance and lubricity. Superior wear resistance contributes to longer life.

Abrasion resistance, heat resistance improvement, cold press, cold forging, warm forging, punching die high-tensile press molding, FB molding, etc.

High hardness
In the automobile industry, the use of molds under severe conditions such as high-tensile steel and thickening has progressed, and it has become a challenge to suppress local elastic deformation that induces film peeling. ZERO-I cleared those problems and also surpasses Hv 3,500, greater than TiCN/TiALN to achieve a very high hardness.
High heat resistance
Achieves 1,000 ℃ exceeding TiAlN .
Corresponding to frictional heat oxidation and warm forging in cold forging, which causes of seizure.
High adhesion thick film
Mostly, PVD film thickness is 2~3µm, but ZERO-I has allowed both high adhesion and thick film by the stress relaxation techniques. This improves wear resistance and increases the effect of suppressing elastic deformation.
Film hardness: Hv3,500
Heat-resistant temperature: 1,000℃
Coefficient of friction:
temperature: 500℃
Recommended film
thickness: 4µm more